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  • SHARON KNAUER (Sunday, April 21 19 08:27 am EDT)


  • Sherry J. Holcombe (Saturday, March 09 19 08:41 am EST)

    Suzanne, Thank You is not enough, you have a great product, your customer service is the very best, and your commitment to share your skills is so appreciated! Yes are bringing and making a big difference in the lives of many people! We are so blessed for yours and your fathers dedication in creating the Bender Press!

  • Patty Buelterman (Sunday, February 03 19 03:48 pm EST)

    I have just recently bought the Bender Press 4 and I LOVE IT! I'm having so much fun! I'm technically challenged so I'm having a little trouble with viewing the YouTube how to videos. lol I'm learning though. You can't go wrong with this bending press, it's worth the money.

  • Linda Deyoe (Tuesday, September 18 18 09:11 pm EDT)

    I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the bender press I recently ordered. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and love it more every time I use it. All of the supplies I have ordered have been of the highest quality too. Thanks so much for being such a great company!!

  • Toni Samskar (Wednesday, June 06 18 09:25 am EDT)

    Wow! I ordered the ring bender press on Thursday and received it on Monday! I watched the videos and set it up right away. Game changer for me already! So easy to use and I’ve learned so much already. Thank you for such a great product and excellent teaching videos.

  • Melody Kieffer (Thursday, May 10 18 04:54 pm EDT)

    I am beyond thrilled with the jewelry that Suzanne made from the flatware my mom received when she married my dad many, many years ago. She communicated quickly, kept me informed during all the steps in the process, and completed the project more quickly than I expected. The end product will be forever treasured.

  • Vicki McClerkin Torrey (Sunday, January 14 18 10:14 pm EST)

    I’ve never bought a tool where there are extra-extras! The Bender I bought is WONDERFUL! The support you get is amazing. Doors open up for you on other Facebook pages that are wonderful. You learn something new everyday. And the sharing; well I’m blessed to be a part of such great people. Suzzanne Thank You so very much.

  • Tracy Trimble (Saturday, September 23 17 04:01 pm EDT)

    I am an owner of the bender press and many of the products and tools from Flatwearable Artisan Jewelry. This company and it’s owner Suzanne have far exceeded my expectations. You will not find any better customer service.

  • Becky (Monday, September 18 17 08:55 am EDT)

    I have dealt with this company for several years. I have had the most positive responses from them. I just recently ordered the wrong item..I called and Rick answered the phone..He put the items that I had meant to order in the mail the same day. They are giving and caring people.

  • Dee (Monday, September 18 17 08:03 am EDT)

    There are not enough good things to say about Flatwearable Artisan Jewelry and Suzanne. Their BenderPress is so easy to use and her hands on instruction is the best. After purchase she is beside you at all times, answering your questions, making suggestions, and giving you tips and tricks. Her instructional videos are the absolute best you can find. Her product line is top notch and the service is exceptional. Looking for a new hobby for fun or profit, the Bender Press and Suzanne are for you!!

  • Catherine McLoughlin (Sunday, September 17 17 11:38 pm EDT)

    This isn't like a store it's like a famiky. So helpful and knowlegabke. Service is great

  • Beckey Moore (Sunday, September 17 17 11:06 pm EDT)

    Absolutely the best company that I have ordered from! They are top notch!

  • Joan Nickell Bailey (Sunday, September 17 17 11:00 pm EDT)

    Love the website and everything I have bought from Suzanne. Love the videos and the help you get which is above and beyond what is expected.

  • Jackie Sample (Sunday, September 17 17 10:33 pm EDT)

    This company is the best I've ever dealt with.Suzanne the owner cares so much for her customers.

  • Jackie Sample (Sunday, September 17 17 10:27 pm EDT)

    This company got me started in my new career, I love dealing with this company, Suzanne the owner cares so much for her customers. I've never worked with such a great organization,

  • Micki Bieberich (Sunday, September 17 17 09:43 pm EDT)

    I have been a customer for 2 yrs. I have owned 2 benders by Flatware and order more then half my supplies for Jewelry. The customer service is one of the best I have ever used. I would recommend them to all silverware makers world wide...

  • Janice Lindabaur (Sunday, June 25 17 05:28 pm EDT)

    The products and customer service supersedes all my expectations. The owner Suzanne is always willing to help with any questions you may have on silverware jewelry. She truly cares. I will not purchase anywhere else.

  • Debbie lynam (Sunday, June 25 17 01:14 pm EDT)

    If you are looking for a great way to bend your have come to the right place...great product and Suzanne is great to work with

  • Jackie Sample (Sunday, June 25 17 12:40 pm EDT)

    I love my Flatwearable Silverware Bending Press and all I can do with it, that combined with my arbor press has endless possibilities. This company is always coming up with new things to do and make, which provides my business grow. What a blessing finding my first bender 5 on UTube. Suzanne offers such personal attention for her customers, she actually answers the phone when you call her, or is quick to respond to an email. Love, love this company, feeling blessed.

  • Darla Garza (Sunday, June 25 17 12:32 pm EDT)

    Overall, my experience with the Flatwearable Silverware Ring Bending Press is positive. I was up and running within minutes of receiving and installing it onto my arbor press. I also purchased the flattener and Stamping attachments. Flatwearable Artisan Jewelry was really helpful in getting me started by providing how-to videos on the "for bender owners" area of their website. There is also an amazing Facebook Artists Colony created and maintained by the owner. If you're shopping for a ring bender or bending tools, I recommend the Flatwearable Silverware Ring Bending Press.

  • Judy Vanhooren (Sunday, June 25 17 11:51 am EDT)

    By far, the best company ever for customer service and selection! Suzanne, Rick and Haley are always there to help with any question, problem or issue. Also the best quality supplies and tools I have ever found. I pretty much purchase all my supplies from Flatwearables and know that I am going to be extremely happy with my purchase! Thumbs way up!!

  • Carla (Sunday, June 25 17 10:33 am EDT)

    Best place to order all your jewelry making supplies all in one place! Suzanne only sells products she has tried and tested, plus her specialty bending tool has made my job 100x easier and saved my wrists! Her prices are good too! Wonderful customer service.

  • Sharon Tonkery (Sunday, June 25 17 09:41 am EDT)

    I have been a customer of Suzanne's and flatwearable since the G series bender 2 and have grown with her in each improvement. I am currently using The Bending Press 1 and find it super easy and efficient and you can't beat the customer support

  • Pat Kintigh (Sunday, June 25 17 09:37 am EDT)

    The high quality bender I purchased from Flatwearable Artisan Jewelry has surpassed all of my expectations. The workmanship is high quality and the Customer Support is second to none. Questions are answered usually within minutes by none less than the company owner Suzanne. As the company grows and expands it's desire to help their customers grow their own businesses also grows. Due to the intergrity this company exhibits, I have been able to start, develope, and grow a successful business. due to the quality of workmanship in the products and support received from this USA company I can continue growing my business. I recommend without reservation the Bender and customer support provided by Flatwearable Artisan Jewelry.

  • Beckey Moore (Sunday, June 25 17 09:25 am EDT)

    Love my products! Have a bender, press and stamp! They are very helpful and quick to respond. Have ordered several times!

  • Suzie Banks (Sunday, June 25 17 09:19 am EDT)

    I am lucky enough to have the 6G bender and have found it invaluable in ring and bracelet makng! It has made tasks that took a while and had an oops factor in it to virtually no mistakes and minutes to make. Also, Suzannes knowledge on crafting jewelery has been so helpful and she is always willing to answer questions.

  • Teri Turnbull (Friday, May 19 17 10:27 am EDT)

    Received the bending press and I love it is an understatement.
    Teri Turnbull

  • Sue Cukr (Wednesday, January 25 17 10:05 am EST)

    Silverware Bending Press - OMG! Would never bend silverware any other way. Spoon Flatten Tool - works so very well. Use it also to close loops instead of hammering on the anvil. Shop is great, shipping VERY fast.

  • Linda Pool (Thursday, March 03 16 05:40 pm EST)

    Flatwearable Silverware Bending Press...OMGosh...a dream come true when bending. Less handling of the piece. A big HUG to the inventor! I LOVE IT!!!

  • Mary Giacalone (Friday, January 22 16 02:23 pm EST)

    The tutorial is wonderful as I am learning to make flatware jewelry. The DVD is divided into different segments for the different styles that can be made. This morning I wanted to try a spiral ring
    so I just forwarded to that segment and followed along with the instructions.

  • Lynda Spann (Wednesday, January 06 16 04:54 pm EST)

    I have purchased multiple products...the ring bender, bracelet bender, several tools, the spoon flattener, the metal stamping tool, as well as burnishing compound for my tumbler, plus various other
    items. Each tool is precision made with the user in mind, as well as the end product. The videos are wonderful, as Suzanne takes the time to explain each process. I am greatly pleased with each
    purchase, and eagerly await future products!

  • Larry Driscol (Tuesday, January 05 16 05:09 pm EST)

    Only one fault so far. The pins on the 6G ring bender should be heat treated, hardened. Mine is showing a lot of deep scratches and nicks. Heat treating would solve...Larry

  • Carol (Tuesday, January 05 16 04:34 pm EST)

    I have worked with silverware for years making angels, but I have had a desire to make other things like bracelets and rings. It wasn't until I happened to see Suzanne on U tube that I knew a tool
    like the bender existed. I ordered one, then the ring bender, and now the new bracelet bender is on its way...I'm 68 and have muscular dystrophy, but I can miraculously bend silverware into rings and
    bracelets. Who could believe it? This company is very reliable and prompt with orders and service and very congenial too. Thank you for making tools that give people so much pleasure and profit.

  • Kelly Cuffe (Monday, January 04 16 11:07 pm EST)

    Very happy with my 5 g bender, costumer service is the best always there to answer guest ions , get my orders on time. My clients are very happy with there bracelets and rings. I hope silverplate
    silverware never runs out. Teaching my children how to make jewerly. Thanks so much! Kelly

  • Ginger Mallard (Monday, January 04 16 11:06 pm EST)

    I have been makining Flatwear Jewelry for 7 years the HARD way! I recently purcharded the Bender Press for rings and braclets and am so impressed with the ease of the tool. No more hammering and
    bending by hand for me. This has made my production quicker and all the bends are perfect. The customer service is beyond excellent and I am so thankful that they are willing share and teach what
    they know to make my business easier and more productive! I also bought the stainless steel jump rings in the container so I have all the sizes I have also been very happy with them,

  • Holly (Monday, January 04 16 10:02 pm EST)

    I own the 4G bender, ring bender and bracelet attachment, without these tools I wouldn't be able to accomplish the bends and curves necessary for silverware jewelry. All tools offered by Flatwearable
    is of high quality and I will continue to buy any new tools they create.

  • Martha Badtin (Tuesday, December 29 15 03:34 pm EST)

    Fall of 2014 I started making jewelry having no luck bending on my own I came across the G6 bender. It made it much nicer to make rings and bracelets. Then I see the video of the press bender and I
    said I might as well try it. Oh my goodness, my production time was cut in half. I have the ring and bracelet bender along with the flattener and the stamping tool. They are constantly improving on
    all their parts. Hope no one in my area buys one because they will get into my business. It makes it so easy. Thanks for making it easy!

  • Graham Pellletier (Sunday, December 27 15 12:53 pm EST)

    I bought the ring bender for the Arbor press a few months back....close to perfect results from the first ring ! Placed the rings ( and pendants) into 3 galleries and stores so far and will be in at
    least 5 more by the end of January. Ordering the bracelet bending attachment next week. Pendants start to finish in about 3 minutes including polishing.

  • Suze Gray (Saturday, December 26 15 09:50 pm EST)

    I've purchased the Flatwearable Silverware Bending Press and it has made by addiction to my new artistic craft a BREEZE. I've created so many gorgeous rings as well as scarf rings with relative ease.
    What I am really impressed with is the accuracy and professional results in shaping the jewelry. It enhanced my sales over the holiday and I look forward to getting the upgrade for bracelets. It does
    take arm strength but I love the quality control and speed to create a finished product. A HUGE plus for my art and a very well thought out tool. Bigtime thumbs up!

  • Ruth Cunningham (Saturday, December 26 15 09:33 pm EST)

    I own the 6G bender and the ring bending press, I enjoy working with both tools. They have made bending the silverware so much easier and faster. The communication and customer service with
    Flatwearable Artisans has been fantastic! Plan to buy the bracelet bender in the future. Highly recommend!!!!

  • Deborah Renzi (Saturday, December 26 15 04:38 pm EST)

    I started with the bender designed by John as my first purchase from Flatwearable Artisan Jewelry and love it. I now have a ring bender and bracelet bender attachment, which I am so excited about. I
    have also purchased jump rings, magnetic closures, chains, key chains, bails etc. and everything has arrived very quickly and exactly as it was described. I love dealing with Suzanne. She is
    everything an online seller should be. BTW, the magnetic closures are, without a doubt, the best on the market!

  • Suzanne Fairweather (Saturday, December 26 15 01:12 pm EST)

    I absolutely LOVE my new bender! Productivity is up because I save so much time not to mention muscle fatigue. I am also able to bend the spoon bowls more accurately and make more beautiful
    bracelets. Again, LOVE it!!!!

  • William McClintic (Saturday, December 26 15 12:57 pm EST)

    I have purchased several pairs of earrings and necklaces for my wife from this store. QUALITY and one of a kind gifts for my wife that you will not find at Walmart! These are very well crafted and
    incredibly unique. Anyone can go get a mass produced gift at the big box stores, then see the same thing on 100 other women, but I personally would rather give my beautiful wife a one of a kind
    custom made heart-felt gift that'll last a very long time. QUALITY, the most important thing to me when I spend my hard earned money. The NEW SHOWROOM, is amazing, looking forward to the next time I
    am in town.

  • Cynthia R. Bercaw (Saturday, December 26 15 12:31 pm EST)

    I have been making jewelry for 15 years and the addition of silverware jewelry has boosted my business like CRAZY! I love working with my bender.

  • C Duff (Saturday, December 26 15 12:20 pm EST)

    I love this wonderful tool. I have been making jewelry for 7 years, but only recently got into the spoon art. I have had shoulder surgery on both shoulders and one of them twice. It has metal parts
    in it. Also surgery on both wrist and arthritis in both hands so you can imagine how hard it was on me to hammer pieces into to even resemble bracelets. With your wonderful tool it is a breeze to
    bend any flatware I have used it on with minimal pressure on my hands and shoulders. If I can use it any one can!! thank you ,thank you,thank you

  • M Corso (Saturday, December 26 15 12:19 pm EST)

    Suzanne actually cares about your satisfaction. She is just an e-mail away to help answer any question about the fabulous spoon bender invented by her father John. Arthritis almost ended my jewelry
    making career, their bending jig saved me from the couch and TV for the rest of my hobbyist life. They are FANTASTIC!! You will be ABSOLUTELY delighted with their product and their service!!

  • G Ranieri (Saturday, December 26 15 12:19 pm EST)

    First of all. Thanks to You and your Dad. What a great idea and a great tool. I will be getting a second one of these. I am still playing around with it though. Your tutorial on the making of the
    bracelet was excellent.
    Like you, I have severe arthritis in my fingers due to Lymes. Actually had six of my finger joints fused and will have the other two done in the near future. So you can imagine how happy i was to
    find you and your video.

  • W Parry (Saturday, December 26 15 12:19 pm EST)

    Your Videos are great , straight away I'm learning and your dad's a clever bloke with the making of the bender.
    Again thank you for your time ,effort and support. Your work is beautiful , kind regards

  • B Willis (Saturday, December 26 15 12:18 pm EST)

    Thank you so much for sharing this video tutorial with me! It's very kind of you to do that! : ) ...I watched it through last night and it is absolutely fantastic! I recently found you on Facebook
    and liked your page. Your jewelry is beautiful and your work is impeccable! I purchased the spoon bender that your Dad makes and it is FANTASTIC. What a work of genius! It bends all my spoons almost
    effortlessly. I am so happy and grateful that I came across it on Etsy! I assure you, it will get plenty of use!

  • T Phelan (Saturday, December 26 15 12:18 pm EST)

    Oh, I am so excited to make a spoon bracelet now. I love love love the video. How idiotic I was to think I knew what I was doing just because I had the spoon bender. And I love all the details you
    added from the size and dimensions of tools to even where you bought them. All your great suggestions come from your years of experience. This is great.

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