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The Flatwearable Silverware Bending Press has a 30-day money-back guarantee (from the date of delivery).  You must contact us for a Return Authorization Number (RMA).  Returns after 30 days are not accepted.  A 15% restocking fee will apply to returns for which we are not at fault.


For all other items, you must contact us within 10 days of receiving your order to obtain a Return Authorization Number (RMA).  A 15% restocking fee will apply to returns for which we are not at fault.  Refunds will be issued as store credit.


Any returns received without an RMA will be refused.   Shipping is non-refundable.


Our return policy will be strictly enforced.



Warranty information

Coverage provided under this Limited Warranty


The warranty for your new Flatwearable Silverware Bending Press (and/or the discontinued Flatwearable Spoon Bracelet & Ring Bender, G series Benders) covers any defects that are caused by materials or by workmanship.


Length of this Limited Warranty


The warranty shall be effective for 1 year from the date of purchase.  Coverage under this warranty shall terminate if you sell or otherwise transfer the Bender.


Exclusions and Modifications under this Limited Warranty


This warranty does not cover any normal wear and tear of the nylon rollers or forming blocks, T-back, padded adhesive strips, Velcro, the stripping/cross threading of bolts or holes, broken magnets, or any other problems with the Bender caused by abuse, misuse, or an act of God.  The use of an arbor press other than the required 1-ton press voids this warranty.


Further, this warranty does not cover any incidental or consequential damages, and replaces any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose as provided by state law.


Requesting service under this Limited Warranty


If there is a problem with your Bender that you believe is covered under this warranty, you must mail the Bender along with a written statement of the problem to:


Flatwearable Artisan Jewelry Inc.

14 Michael Rd

West Seneca, NY 14224


Service under this Limited Warranty


Your Bender will be inspected and we will contact you within 72 hours after receipt to inform you of the results of our inspection.  If the defect is covered under this Limited Warranty, we will return to you the repaired Bender within 72 hours of inspection.  If we determine the defect is not covered under this Limited Warranty, we will offer you the option to have the Bender repaired at the cost of parts and labor.  If you choose not to have the Bender repaired, we will return it to you in the same condition as it was received.  





This section pertains to Bender owners who have eyebolts that are not welded. G series Benders 1-3 (discontinued).

If one of the nuts falls out of an eyebolt, don't try to pop it back in and continue to use the bender in this manner. What has happened is the eyebolt has stretched open just enough and has lost tension so that it will no longer be able to retain the nut. This is caused by one or both of the following... 

1. Uneven tension on both sides of the block. Even if you never loosen the nuts on the bottom of the block (that hold the eyebolts into the block), you must check them occasionally to be sure they are both tightened evenly. Don't crank down on one side all the way, then move to the other side and tighten. Tighten them evenly, going back and forth between them until they are both tight. 

These eyebolts are heavy duty and were chosen specifically for their tensile strength, but uneven stress can cause failure. Same thing when you are changing the block unit over to ring bending. Be sure you are using even tension when tightening those nuts on the underside of the block. Same goes for tightening down the roller unit. EVEN tension on both sides of the rollers. If they aren't even you get crooked bends and also have the potential for eyebolt failure. 

2. When you are changing out roller sizes, be sure you are putting the eyebolts back in their exact same positions. In the 2nd gen benders, the nut sits inside of the eyebolt where it is flush on one side and protrudes slightly on the other side. You want to keep the flush sides together. If they are put back together unevenly, you will again have the issue of uneven tension and the potential for eyebolt failure.   In 3rd generation benders, you don't want the serrated sides of the nuts to touch each other or they will bind up.  The serrated side of the nuts must face away from each other when changing out roller sizes.

I personally have literally bent thousands of pieces of flatware and have never had an eyebolt failure. 

We had a customer contact us after they had tried to replace one on their own and even though it really didn't fit properly, kept using it. It caused a second eyebolt failure. They replaced that one. That went on to cause the upper ones to fail as well. Now they were faced with 4 eyebolt failures and finally contacted us. 

If you do experience eyebolt failure, DON'T continue to use it, you will just cause failure in all the other ones. We will replace them at $20/pair, plus shipping.  There's is only one company that makes this particular eyebolt, so chances are you won't be able to find it in your local hardware store. 


This section pertains to ALL Flatwearable Bracelet and Ring Bender owners. Any model of our discontinued G series Benders.  


Stripping of the eyebolts is not covered under your warranty as it is due to improper use of the Bender.  If you are experiencing stripping of your eyebolts, then most likely you are over-tightening the nuts.  This causes stress on the threads, which in turn strips out the bolt.  If you are experiencing slipping of the silverware during bending which is prompting you to over-tighten the nuts, stop.  To prevent slipping, either bend the silverware down on the back, or clamp on a vise grip to the piece in the back.  Both of these methods will keep the silverware from slipping back under the roller during bending. Stripping can also be caused by uneven tension on both sides of the Tback.  Be sure you are tightening each side equally.  Don't crank down on one side all the way, then move to the other side and tighten. Tighten them evenly, going back and forth between them until they are both tight.

If there's a problem or something doesn't seem right or it's something you don't understand, call or email me. We are here to help you. Thanks!!




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