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The possibilities are endless with this bender and it is user friendly. I would let them know the more you use it the more of an expert you become. It's great for the person who wants to just dabble or for someone who what's to sell the end product. I would let them know it's the best on the market.
I simply love mine. It is easy to use. Suzanne does awesome tutorials on using her products. She shares new ideas with everyone. She is great to talk with when you talk to her and share your ideas with her(which I have done the screw hold down on the plate which she implemented to her product).
I have the 6 G bender and then bought the bending press. The press is sooo much easier to use and can be used for so much more. I love it. Worth the money!
I have all of the sizes of attachments for the bracelets and rings. I also have the Flattening tool. I call it the attitude adjuster. I use all of them when making my jewelry. If you are going to invest, don't skimp. You can't "make do" Also, you may think practicing on stainless steel is a good option, but it is a different animal from silver plated flatware. Invest a little money and practice on silver plated. Always take a magnet with you when shopping for silver plated flateware. People will tell you their pieces are silver plated when they are stainless. The magnet doesn't lie and it will connect to the stainless flatware. Use the 16 gauge jump rings. Well worth the extra time. Do you research on reconnecting the jump rings and practice before you sell a piece, you don't want to sell something that will come apart. Also don't forget your Mag-Locks. The BEST magnets on the block!
The Bender has made my life so much easier. If you are bending flatware any other way, you are definitely wasting a lot of time and energy. When you purchase your Bender, you are not left out in the cold.... Suzanne is always doing help videos and explaining, looking for improvements, and better, more efficient methods of bending. She is always available to answer questions and listen to new ideas. Thanks, Suzanne. 



Don't hesitate, because Suzanne is very generous and she takes care of her customers and in addition, there are beautiful tutorials for us to improve and she gives good stuff.   



I absolutely love my Bender press, I probably would have quit if I hadn't bought it. It is so easy to use and makes so many neat things, I love all the things that Flatwearable sells, I am in awe at how easy Suzanne makes things look, and how creative she is.



It is a wise investment they can create beautiful pieces that can be a good source of income and have the means to create pieces that can become family heirlooms

The Flatwearable Silverware Bending Press is the most amazing tool I have ever used.... and that it's the most versatile tool I own.
It just makes things so much easier.
I would tell anyone who is thinking of buying the silverware bending press to go for it without hesitation. I'm a disabled artist and have terrible issues with my hands and this press has given me the ability to still be creative and make beautiful jewelry. This has given me a positive thing in a world of chronic illness. If I can use this press, ANYONE CAN! It's worth every penny!
The quality of your workmanship on your pieces just goes to show how great your product is!
I would say that if you are making silverware jewelry, this is the only way to go. It is designed specifically for this purpose and the quality of your product will be professional. It's totally worth the investment.The Flatwearable Bending Press is the most innovative product on the market for bending silverware. It is so adaptive it can be used by anyone for many different project or pieces. It is easy to use and tough too. I have bent as many as 7000 separate pieces without having to replace my forming block. It is a great investment.
It's so easy. Just press and bend, no tightening and untightening bolts.
I have the heart of an artist! The Flatwearable Bending Press has allowed me to take my dream images into wearable art! I love it and how much satisfaction and self worth it's helped me attain!!
Do you want to make amazing jewelry while saving beautiful flatware from the salvage yard (or worse yet- the dump)? Do you want to indulge your creative side and create items that make people who have known you for years say, "YOU did this?!?!?"? Do you want to create contemporary heirlooms from family history? If you said "no" - move on. If ANY of these ideas appeal to you - DO IT TODAY!!!!! You'll never regret it - not even for a moment!!!!
I would say " come over & try mine- you'll love it!" I've only had mine 2-3 weeks but I can already envision making my money back (and more) with my next show- now that I can start including rings!! Suzanne's photos of her own products speak for themselves along with photo & testimonies of other Bender owners!!   Go for it!
It takes 95% of the "bending struggle" away! If you hate pounding on a mandrel, or get mad when you didn't get the right size, you NEED this tool! Not want... NEED!!! If you sell your stuff it will triple your output! It takes the stress off your muscles! You just NEED it!
Flatwareable Bender will save you time and money. Prior to owning the Bender, it would take me about an hour to make a bracelet and about 30 min for a ring Now with the flatwareable bender a bracelet about 2 min and a ring 1 min. I love love the Flatwareable Bender.
I have owned the 6G for two years and it does a fantastic job of getting the prefect bend to all my pieces...I have recently purchased the Bending press and have not done too many pieces of as yet, but I can tell you,  I thought your Bender made it easier to make jewelry before. With this new press, I can see myself making more rings tha
n ever before... venturing out to try new pieces and unique items for my customers. Al thanks to your new press...I would let everyone know that it makes silverware making so much easier...THANK YOU.
The bending press makes life simple. it is easier on your hands and makes things go faster. I save so much time using the bender compared to how I started out doing it by hand. With arthritic hands, the bender is a lifesaver! Once you start using it, it will pay for itself. You will love it like I do!
If you love to make jewelry and want to do so efficiently purchase a Bender from Flatwarable you have got nothing to lose they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. 
It is the best piece of equipment I have ever ordered. Not only is a great tool but I have learned so much from making the items I can use what I learned in other jewelry making projects. Also, the owner shows you how to do everything and more. I can go on and on about your company because it is absolutely the bomb!!! I  Will continue to love everything about your company and tools!! I have been making jewelry for about 30 years now and hands down you are the best experience I have had in a company that sells jewelry tools.
Their machine is the best out there! Even me, at age 61 can do many things with the machine. 
If you want to enjoy bending your goodies, use the Flatwearable Bender. The cheaper ones are VERY difficult to use (I know this from experience) and you end up frustrated and annoyed.
I love my bending press, it works just as described, easy to use, and has paid for itself many times over! It gives a perfect bend and my clients are very happy with the results. More importantly, I have always received amazing service from you! My orders arrive quickly, as ordered, and you have always answered my questions promptly! Thank you for what you do! 
Do it! It is such a lifesaver! I was on the fence for awhile but I knew there had to be an easier way to bend than what I was doing! (Hammer & metal pipe haha) it's so easy on the hands & makes a beautiful bend!
There are many ways and videos out there on how to make silverware jewelry. You can manhandle every piece, hammer, twist, heat, or you can work smart and get the Bending Press. It is easy to use and makes designing more interesting. Flatwearable Art is my go to store for everything "silverware". They have how to videos and help with everything. We are in our 60's. Couldn't do this without the press. It's a life saver.
If you don't have one but think you would like making rings and things - GET ONE - you will love how easy it is and family and friends will be impressed. Silverware/silverplate is easy to find at estate sales, auctions and garage sales cheap.
For anyone who is considering getting into this hobby/craft, the Flatwearable bender is a MUST. I can thank the bender for all of my silverware jewelry success. To put it simply, the bender takes all the muscle work out of the process and allows the artisan to focus on their creativity and making new on-of-a-kind pieces. To try to create rings and bracelets by hand bending is nearly impossible, trust me ... I tried for a long time before I discovered Suzanne and her tools!  Not to mention the invaluable lifetime support Suzanne provides!
It changed my life. I was forced to retire and my husband passed away four months later. The bender I bought shortly thereafter gave me an opportunity to reinvent myself. I have meet 100 's of people and made wonderful new friends none of which would have happened without my bender. Each day I go into my work area and dream up new products and I love, what I do. The bender itself is very easy to use, very sturdy and allows you to make many wonderful creations.Thank you.
Love my bending press and this company that goes over and beyond to help you in any possible! Thanks a bunch!
I love both of my benders! The newest bender has made my artistic endeavors so much easier! I use it everyday and search the internet for inspiration! Thanks for all of the engineering work, the tips and tricks, and your new projects. Thx for all you both do.
I have achieved so much with both my benders, never would have achieved any of my silverware pieces without them

Fall of 2014 I started making jewelry having no luck bending on my own I came across the 6G bender. It made it much nicer to make rings and bracelets. Then I see the video of the press bender and I said I might as well try it. Oh my goodness, my production time was cut in half. I have the ring and bracelet bender along with the flattener and the stamping tool. They are constantly improving on all their parts. Hope no one in my area buys one because they will get into my business. It makes it so easy. Thanks for making it easy!




I bought the ring bender for the Arbor press a few months back....close to perfect results from the first ring ! Placed the rings ( and pendants) into 3 galleries and stores so far and will be in at least 5 more by the end of January. Ordering the bracelet bending attachment next week. Pendants start to finish in about 3 minutes including polishing.




I've purchased the Flatwearable Silverware Bending Press and it has made my addiction to my new artistic craft a BREEZE. I've created so many gorgeous rings as well as scarf rings with relative ease. What I am really impressed with is the accuracy and professional results in shaping the jewelry. It enhanced my sales over the holiday and I look forward to getting the upgrade for bracelets. It does take arm strength but I love the quality control and speed to create a finished product. A HUGE plus for my art and a very well thought out tool. Bigtime thumbs up!




I own the 6G bender and the ring bending press, I enjoy working with both tools. They have made bending the silverware so much easier and faster. The communication and customer service with Flatwearable Artisans has been fantastic! Plan to buy the bracelet bender in the future. Highly recommend!!!!




I started with the bender designed by John as my first purchase from Flatwearable Artisan Jewelry and love it. I now have a ring bender and bracelet bender attachment, which I am so excited about. I have also purchased jump rings, magnetic closures, chains, key chains, bails etc. and everything has arrived very quickly and exactly as it was described. I love dealing with Suzanne. She is everything an online seller should be. BTW, the magnetic closures are, without a doubt, the best on the market!




I absolutely LOVE my new bender! Productivity is up because I save so much time not to mention muscle fatigue. I am also able to bend the spoon bowls more accurately and make more beautiful bracelets. Again, LOVE it!!!!




I have purchased several pairs of earrings and necklaces for my wife from this store. QUALITY and one of a kind gifts for my wife that you will not find at Walmart! These are very well crafted and incredibly unique. Anyone can go get a mass produced gift at the big box stores, then see the same thing on 100 other women, but I personally would rather give my beautiful wife a one of a kind custom made heart-felt gift that'll last a very long time. QUALITY, the most important thing to me when I spend my hard earned money. The NEW SHOWROOM, is amazing, looking forward to the next time I am in town.




I have been making jewelry for 15 years and the addition of silverware jewelry has boosted my business like CRAZY! I love working with my bender.



I received my bender two weeks ago and I have 75 high school art students chomping at the bit to begin this new adventure. I biggest worry is that they will raid their mothers' and their grandmothers' silverware drawers!

I cannot wait to see what they will come up with. Every assignment that I challenge them with ends up amazing me.

Thank you for the awesome tool. I could not manage teaching silerware recycling without it.




Hi, I have been creating jewelry with wire for years and have tried to make some spoon rings and bracelets just using brute force (hammering on mandrel) with some annealing. I haven't really been happy with the end result and all that hammering definitely takes a toll on the shoulder. I round your bender when watching searching YouTube for ideas/tutorials on making spoon rings and bracelets. I was so excited to see your bender and ordered right away (as soon as message on your site that they were available. I had to go out of town before my package arrived so I am anxious to try them out as soon. I get home.

I am planning to make bracelets for my sisters and daughter in law for Christmas and will also try my hand at some rings. Lol, I will be on the search for some nice silver plated spoons for the gifts but will also be practicing with some stainless flatware.  Thanks so much for getting my bender out to me so quickly---just wish I we home so I could start playing.




This is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Am so glad I ordered one. It is so easy to use and saves a great deal of time! I have been looking for magnets that actually work so was glad to hear you have some good ones for purchase. The only sad thing for me is to hear that there are so many others out there making the same jewelry as me. Competition!!! I do have silverware that belonged to my Grandma who was born in 1905. I am making bracelets for the girls in my family as an heirloom piece. That idea was pretty cool I must admit! BTW, Happy Birthday John!




I just ordered my bracelet bender and haven't even received it yet, but I am so excited. About a year ago I decided to try making bracelets from spoons and forks. However, I discovered it wasn't so easy to do and finally gave up trying. Then last week I discovered this website and as soon as they were in stock I ordered my bracelet bender. I can hardly wait for it to arrive.

Thanks Suzanne & John for this tool.




I love my bracelet bender. It was also very helpful to know that you were having the same issues with drilling silverware and I had a 30 watt soldering iron that didn't work for me. I sold the 30 watt in a garage sale and got a 60 watt. It is so much better! I just got a drill press. I can't wait to try it! Thank you for the advice!




Dear Suzanne and John,
Thank you so much for inventing this spoon bender! I bought the bender on August 11, 2013. My husband and I watched your video at least three times (great learning video) before creating 30 spoon bracelets. In September, we participated in a festival as a first-time vender not knowing what to expect. The spoon bracelets were a hit! 
We also gave a bracelet to our church for their 100th anniversary fundraiser and our elementary catholic school for their fundraiser. I have gotten several requests for special orders. THANKS!!! :)




Thank heavens for this wonderful tool! I have been crafting vintage jewelry for several years now. Needless to say,I have strengthen my muscles considerably, and pulled a few too. The Bender has made my crafting so much easier and size right the very first time. Thanks again for such an innovative product!




I have been wanting to make spoon and fork jewelry for a long time. After researching and watching the videos, I worried about the cost of buying silverware. The other option was flatware, but I worried about the need to use a torch in order to bend the metal. When I saw your video, I knew I had finally found the tool that would allow me the opportunity to enjoy making flatware jewelry. I am so excited! I have been gathering my other tools and can't wait to use the bender! I have a "Auntie/Cousin" reunion in October- it's been more than 20 years since we have all been together. I hope to finish a few bracelets for all to enjoy! Wish me luck!




I am always looking for an art that re or up cycles. When I saw the Bender, I could tell it was a well built tool. I was so excited to find out it was just updated, to bend rings. I received it promptly and I can't wait to use it.








Wow .I just love my spoon bender. I had been trying to bend spoons for a few weeks after deciding to start making spoon handle bracelets. Unfortunately my attempts were just not working at all well and had the wonkiest bracelets you could imagine. I was nearly ready to give up when I found the demonstration on utube. As I live in Australia I was hesitant to order but after watching the demo again and again over a couple of weeks I thought .... well the lady seems genuine and I really want to make quality bracelets so I went ahead and ordered one. Was very pleased with the postage costs and the fast delivery and was even more pleased when I started using my very own bender! Now my bracelets are perfect.... not at all wonky!! LOVE IT.




A co-worker and I started making spoon bracelets last fall after I had purchased one for myself in a shop while on vacation. We were very excited about our endeavor and purchased a different bender online. While we were having success with people purchasing bracelets it was definitely the bending that was giving us the most grief in our production. Bends were not consistent and it was very hard on the hands and took a lot of time for each bracelet.

One day as I was surfing around the internet I came across Suzanne's bender, I quickly called my husband to watch the video (as he was a helping hand in the bending process!) We both looked at each other in amazement when we saw how quick and perfect the bends came out. I ordered one on the spot! Delivery was fast and it works like a charm!
I promptly told my partner about it and she ordered one as well.

I have only just purchased my bender but look forward to our Christmas craft production being much more smooth sailing with this amazing tool.

Thanks so much! :)




I haven't been home yet to use my new spoon bender, but am so excited to begin. Your tutorial is a huge help and the bender is very cool. Thanks to you and your Dad for creating such a marvel. The jewelry you create is spectacular and I instantly fell in love with your work. I hope I can create my own, or I will go broke buying your pieces!




Several weeks ago I purchased a spoon bender other than Suzannes. Big mistake. I never made one bracelet with it. Did not work. I found Suzanne's video and knew right away this was the spoon bender for me. I love it. I have made about 30 bracelets. This is what I call a spoon bender no other like it. I have enjoyed it tremendously. The video sent with the purchase is great. I have watched it several times and will continue to watch it. The video is so helpful in not only showing how to use the spoon bender but also informs you on the right supplies to purchase for your hobby or business. I would recommend this to anyone. Again I say I love it. You go girl and dad. Thanks




After suffering a stroke 8 months ago, I was looking for something to work at with my hands as a form of therapy for my left hand. I ran onto some of the silveware jewelry and decide that this would get the job done and also feed my creative appetite. It didn,t take me long to decide that I would need a lot more therapy before I could perfect this. I then ran onto the amazing spoon bender on ebay and have been happily making beautiful jewelry ever since.This tool has enabled me to bend the silverware with no assistance and I am so very pleased wiyh it. It truly is an amazing invention. Looking so forward to the adapter for rings. Thanks for restoring some of my abilities.




I came across Suzanne's YouTube video demonstrating the Spoon Bender. I was intrigued. I had bought two spoon bracelets a few years ago and thought how fun it would be to make my own. I was a newbie. The drawback? How does one bend it? How does one get the correct shape, the perfect angle to fit a wrist? I knew I didn't want to spend hours pounding and shaping. So this little instrument opened up the door for me to try to make a bracelet from start to finish. It's so exciting and easy to get the hang of. I would never dream of doing this without the Bender. All the steps that come after, such as cutting, grinding, soldering, polishing, etc are just technique which I hope to improve on. It definitely speeds up my learning curve time in becoming proficient. The Bender is essential in getting the perfect shape fast. This is an absolute necessity if one wants to make multiple bracelets. Don't even think about bending flatwear without the Bender because you'll be wasting valuable time trying to bend by hand. Suzanne has answered several of my Emails quickly and is very helpful in providing support as needed. Thanks John and Suzanne.




My husband Wayne purchased the spoon bender and has never looked back since. We are grey nomads travelling around Australia. We go to as many markets as we can selling my hand craft. Wayne has always been my greatest support and now I can give back to him as he joins me on our creative journey. This has brought an already solid marriage to an even higher place.
Thankyou Suzanne and John for giving my husband an outlet that he enjoys beyond belief.
We are very excited about the ring attachment and look forward to more new creations.




LOVE LOVE LOVE the spoon bender. Your dad is a GENIUS !!! :)




Hi Suzanne, 
As my daughter Sarah and wife Donna said, you need a hobby. Try this out.   Make  rings,  bracelets, ear rings, necklaces  out of silverware. Sounds and looks easy enough. How hard could it be.  
Well I started last year, pounding, turning and twisting,  and melting.  And I mean melt. Not counting all the times I hit my fingers and  hands with different size hammers. And I don't need anymore pain in my fingers trust me. In that year I  ruined countless pieces of silverware and sadly some of which was not mine.
 And then along came Suzanne and John.  The Bracelet Bender . I've only had the Bender for a month now, but I have already rolled out some real nice bracelets. I am still in the infant stage. But with this  bracelet bender I can see light at the end of the tunnel. And I can't wait for the Ring Bender. I feel like a kid at Christmas. I am glad I don't have to wait till then.  Now it is fun!!  I make them  for my daughter, wife, nieces and nephews and friends. I don't sell anything I make; maybe in the future after I purchase my next Bracelet and Ring Bender I'll explore that idea.



I can't tell you how many times I've sat and wondered why someone didn't invent a 'spoon' bender. If I could only tell you the amount of frustration I've had over the last 5 years or so. You can bend the spoons/forks to some degree, but until I got your bender there was just NO WAY to get a nice, even, clean bend. Now i'm like some maniac bending every spoon and fork I can find :). My relative lock their drawers! Thank you so much, to your dad for designing it and to you, for making such a fantastic bracelet bender.
I cannot wait to see the ring bender. I tried it on the tiny roller but it didn't come out so good. I will be 'wishing' you pick me to win the ring bender but if not i'll be saving up my pennies because I know it will be a MUST HAVE! Thanks again!




I sell Lamp-work jewelry at a local Farmers Market. Before I found the spoon bender I thought about incorporating spoon bracelets with lamp-work beads. The time it took to pound out a spoon(about 45 min), was not going to work to keep cost down so to compete at Farmer Market prices. 
Since I received the spoon bender, about a week ago I have made 20 complete bracelets in just a couple of evenings. This spoon bender WORKS!! I couldn't believe my eye's when I watched the CD, how easy this made bending spoons. The CD is also a complete guide on making a spoon bracelet from start to finish. I highly recommend this product.




Love, love, love my spoon bender! Even my 12 year old has begun to use it. This is a great product that I'm sure would make a great assignment for a physics class. How does it work? Who knew that these everyday products could be put together to make such an amazing gadget?




I'm sorry to say I haven't had a chance to use it yet as I had to have an unexpected pacemaker surgery as soon as I got it. No using that arm for anything other than scratching for 2-4 weeks until the leads into my heart have "taken hold" so to speak. I did have my brother whose an engineer and very interested take a look at it and he's pretty excited to see it in action. Will provide feedback in a month or so when I'm back in the workshop!




I absolutely love my bracelet bender. I had decided that I needed to learn how to make my own spoon bracelets. I started looking on-line for a device to assist me in my new hobby. I contacted Suzanne and she immediately came up with a way to use her device to bend the whole spoon. She was great to work with and she shipped it to me without any problems. I highly recommend this tool! Plus, I think it is wonderful that her dad came up with the design!




I recently purchased the spoon bender after two years of hammering around a form. My issue with the previous method was not being able to keep the utensil in a steady enough position to have a consistent bend. It was frustrating and hard to correct my errors. Now using the spoon bender I am able to consistently produce identical matched pairs time after time. Thanks SD for making such a useful, time saving and money making tool.




First off, I'm not a relative, but a retired teacher that has been making and selling flatware jewelry for five years. I quit making jewelry about 6 months ago, because all that pounding was just too much for my arthritis. People were disappointed, and feeling disappointed in losing the one thing I enjoyed, I began to slowly slip into the couch potato mode. One day, while surfing the You Tube videos, I came across one, that showed a flatware bender that needed NO POUNDING!! Impossible I thought, but there was this Woman making bends on un-annealed, Thick flatware, Stainless steel no less!!! I immediately ordered one, and to my surprise, It worked just like the inventor (Named John) had made, for his daughter (Named Suzanne). I have just placed an order for a second one, (you really don't need to, because it's pretty simple to change the roller size) but with two we can work side by side, together.
This is truly a bender that WORKS beyond how easily you would even dream of it working. This is a revolutionary jig that ANYONE can use, and I mean anyone! I’m happily off the couch, and back in business because of this invention. Not to be melodramatic, but it changed my life.




I love my bender. For years I've wanted to make flatware jewelery and have never been successful. The bends were never "smooth", always jagged and never looked the way I wanted them to. With my new bender, the flatware turns out beautiful. I am so happy with my new purchase!! Thanks a million!! - S. Sullivan




I rarely search YouTube but was looking for a video I had originally seen on Pinterest on how to make flatware bracelets. I found your video and liked your method so I decided to take a leap of faith and purchase your bender. So glad I did, because it works wonders! So while I found you on YouTube, Pinterest is always my first and favored "search engine." - B. Hunt




I found you on Etsy. Your bending tool is great. I am glad I purchased one from you. Thanks - A. Hamm




I love this wonderful tool. I have been making jewelry for 7 years, but only recently got into the spoon art. I have had shoulder surgery on both shoulders and one of them twice. It has metal parts in it. Also surgery on both wrist and arthritis in both hands so you can imagine how hard it was on me to hammer pieces into to even resemble bracelets. With your wonderful tool it is a breeze to bend any flatware I have used it on with minimal pressure on my hands and shoulders. If I can use it any one can!! thank you ,thank you,thank you - C. Duff




Suzanne actually cares about your satisfaction. She is just an e-mail away to help answer any question about the fabulous spoon bender invented by her father John. Arthritis almost ended my jewelry making career, their bending jig saved me from the couch and TV for the rest of my hobbyist life. They are FANTASTIC!! You will be ABSOLUTELY delighted with their product and their service!! - M. Corso




First of all. Thanks to You and your Dad. What a great idea and a great tool. I will be getting a second one of these. I am still playing around with it though. Your tutorial on the making of the bracelet was excellent.
Like you, I have severe arthritis in my fingers due to Lymes. Actually had six of my finger joints fused and will have the other two done in the near future. So you can imagine how happy i was to find you and your video. - G. Ranieri




Your Videos are great , straight away I'm learning and your dad's a clever bloke with the making of the bender.
Again thank you for your time ,effort and support. Your work is beautiful , kind regards. - W. Parry from Down Under




Thank you so much for sharing this video tutorial with me! It's very kind of you to do that! : ) ...I watched it through last night and it is absolutely fantastic! I recently found you on Facebook and liked your page. Your jewelry is beautiful and your work is impeccable! I purchased the spoon bender that your Dad makes and it is FANTASTIC. What a work of genius! It bends all my spoons almost effortlessly. I am so happy and grateful that I came across it on Etsy! I assure you, it will get plenty of use! - B




Oh, I am so excited to make a spoon bracelet now. I love love love the video. How idiotic I was to think I knew what I was doing just because I had the spoon bender. And I love all the details you added from the size and dimensions of tools to even where you bought them. All your great suggestions come from your years of experience. This is great. - T. Phelan




Handy bender, Fast shipper. Thanks!




I found this tool bends flatware with ease! Best jewelry tool I own!!!

Suzanne is a great person to work with. The spoon bender is ingenious and saves so much time when making spoon bracelets. If you're looking for a tool to make bending spoons easier then this is the one! - L. Devora




LOVE IT!!!! - A. Hamm




I ordered this bender a few weeks ago and it is awesome! I've used it to bend some antique silver plated spoons and it works great!! Suzanne's tutorials are great! She is meticulous...she covers every detail that anyone could want to make spoon bracelets! Thank you, Suzanne!! - Brenda L.




Jig arrived in MINT condition. FANTASTIC customer service. Check it out on You Tube, AMAZING SPOON BRACELET BENDER by Flatwearable Artisan Jewelry. I have bought about 5 so-called spoon benders and they are in my junk parts drawer, because they didn't work!!! THIS ONE DOES!!! Even stainless steel!!!!! Believe it!!!!




I love this wonderful tool.  I have been making jewelry for 7 years.  Also surgery on both wrists, but only recently got into the spoon art.  I have had shoulder surgery on both shoulders and one of them twice.  It has metal parts in it.  Also arthritis in both hands so you can imagine how hard it was on me to hammer pieces into to even resemble bracelets.  With your wonderful tool it is a breeze to bend any flatware.   I have used it on with minimal pressure on my hands and shoulders.  If I can use it any one can!! thank you ,thank you,thank you. 




I rarely search YouTube but was looking for a video I had originally seen on Pinterest on how to make flatware bracelets.  I found your video and liked your method so I decdided to take a leap of faith and purchase your bender. So glad I did, because it works wonders!  So while I found you on YouTube, Pinterest is always my first and favored "search engine."




I love my bender. For years I've wanted to make flatware jewelery and have never been successful. The bends were never "smooth", always jagged and never looked the way I wanted them to.  With my new bender, the flatware turns out beautiful. I am so happy with my new purchase!!  Thanks a million!!


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